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About us & our gloves

Einzelgänger BV is a Dutch company, specialized in manufacturing the original “Einzelgänger®️“ vintage motorcycling gloves.

Rev up your biker style with our badass collection of motorcycle gloves, built to dominate the road with an unmatched blend of grit and sophistication. Crafted for riders who demand nothing but the best, our handcrafted leather gloves exude raw power and timeless appeal.

Unleash your inner rebel with our motorbike gloves, engineered to handle the toughest rides with ease. Whether you’re tearing up the asphalt or conquering off-road trails, our riding gloves offer the perfect combination of comfort and control. Gear up like a true biker with our biker gloves, designed to withstand the harshest conditions while making a bold statement. Crafted from premium leather, these gloves exude confidence and attitude at every turn.

Embrace the spirit of adventure with our vintage and retro motor gloves, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of a bygone era while delivering unrivaled performance on the road. Each pair is handmade with precision and care, ensuring you ride in style without compromising on quality.

Get ready to dominate the streets with our badass shanks gloves. Unleash your passion for riding and make a statement that can’t be ignore!


Exclusive and authentic
Original Dutch “Einzelgänger®️” vintage motorcycle gloves.
Reliable and engaged
We are a group of good and old friends who have a passion for motorcycling and have taken over the concept from the original creator and founder of the Einzelgänger gloves.
More than just gloves
In addition to the gloves, we also offer other Einzelgänger products, such as stickers, key chains, patches and T-shirts.