“Einzelgänger®️” is a company, specialized in manufacturing the original Dutch “Einzelgänger®️“ vintage motorcycling gloves.

As the production of these gloves demands a lot of effort and is a time consuming process it can take some time before they will be shipped to you. So you can always order them in the webshop, but in busy times it can take some time before i can ship them to you.

“Einzelgängeronline.com” will be the main website for our activities. Whenever you feel the need to contact us just send a mail or call or use the messenger app at the contact page.


Short Break

Dear customers, we will be out for a short break from 01/02/202 until 10/02/2020 during this period it will not be possible to make any orders… sorry for the inconvenience! Tim.


Tomorrow the all new bottleopener/fridgemagnets will come in! a very classy and handy opener you can put in your pocket, stick on your fridge or on your motorcycle’s oil tank so you don’t have to open your favorite drinks with your teeth anymore! i will ship one with every order of a set of gloves!

Saddletan Bandits for Paul

Today i finished a t of saddletan Bandits for Paul. he wanted them a little aged and “vintage” lasered on the back of the gloves. i chose a nice font for him and am pretty pleased with the result! they are on their way Paul!


Einzelgänger B.V.

KVK: 84407263

BTW: NL863199586B01