Nice little company

Today i, once again, realised how blessed i am with my little company “Einzelgänger”!

I remember the day that i made a set of gloves for myself because i could not afford the gloves i would like to have and in no time i was making these gloves for others all around the world! In the last few years i designed more models and perfected the fabrication process and i bought a laser engraver because customers liked to have their glove being personalized.

I even started to make bracelets and walletchains which were also very succesfull.

in the next few months i am moving into a new house with a big workshop so i can make the gloves and other products here at home Yeah!

I want to say a big THANKS! To all my friends and customers!


2 Replies to “Nice little company”

  1. Sir I just read yo history amazing,
    See your gloves on the web is amazing gloves, personalized much better
    Next month gonna order a pair for my drive car a Mini Cooper
    Sir you doing amazing killer gloves

  2. Hey thank you for the compliments!i would be honored to make a nice set of personalized gloves for you!

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